Mother | Daughter




Photographed by Bogdan Dincă

What defines your mother when there’s no one around to hear you, what you tell yourself about the one you know to well not to judge, the one you saw too many times not to criticize and the one you met to many times to re-think who that person really is. What part of her have you become, what part of you is still with her?
The exhibition reflects the tide between mother and daughter, while questioning the transgenerational inheritance that is being carried. The exhibition was born starting from a series of meetings between mother and daughter together with the photographer Bogdan Dincă, alongside the actors Denisa Nicolae and Liviu Romanescu. The talks between mother and daughter started from the letter that one of them wrote for the other.
Bogdan Dincă is a photo-journalist involved in social matters, interested in exploring ways in which we function as individuals and how societies work. He’s the co-founder of Documentaria group and his work he’s been published by DoR, Scena9,  Libertatea, Inclusiv, Şcoala9, Hotnews. This year he has been granted a scholorship to attend VII Academy.
There’s nowhere I can find you is an experience of loss and memories driven out of the book with the same name that will be released this autumn by Publica publishing house. The space trasnforms into a beating heart where the mother’s voice is present without hearing it. Laura Ionescu lays out her mother’s  identity through family photos, text fragments and questions that shall never find their answer, thus proving that time can’t defeat love, nor can it take away it’s strenght.
Exhibited @ Rezidența BRD Scena 9 (2021) &  Creart Gallery  (2022).
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