Vitrine Imposibile / Impossible Windows, a performative instalation

Sureal Faces caught in IMPOSSIBLE WINDOWS are episodes that allow our weaknesses to manifest
Three confessions, three revelations, three 15-minute artistic moments of unlikely beings: the unborn child, the devil and the happy man. The three performances bring into question the complexity of humanity and the pursuit of truth and happiness.
The audience is offered an itinerary between three galleries on Calea Victoriei. Galateea, Nemțoi and 1001 Arte galleries become, for the first two weekends of October, the space where 3 unlikely beings talk about humanity and truth. Some of these beings deserve to be released on parole, while others deserve their distance just as well. Although each of us knows their features, the Upper Faces do not have a common face, a generally recognized figure. Now I receive this appearance, a face with which we must not agree, but which we are invited to acknowledge.
Video credits: Sorin Florea
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